What to Wear on the Way to Work this Winter: 3 Style Tips for Women

Australian winters may not be as cold as the frosty seasons in other countries, but June to August can still be uncomfortably chilly—especially during the early morning and late evening commuting hours. If you get to work via public transport or on foot, it's important that you dress for the weather. Of course, that doesn't mean you have to completely sacrifice style for comfort. If you want to look and feel great in this year's cold winter air, here are 3 winter womenswear fashion tips for your work commute.

Wear Warm Shoes

It may seem obvious, but wearing warm shoes is arguably the most important tip to follow during the winter months. If you let your feet get cold on the way to work, you'll arrive grumpy and in pain, making your work day seem even more gruelling than usual. Ugg boots are one of the most popular warm shoe options, but many people avoid wearing them to work because they're not considered 'office appropriate' in many workplaces. While this may be the case, it shouldn't stop you from wearing them on your commute. They look stylish with a wide array of  clothing pieces, from dresses to jeans, and the sheepskin lining will keep your feet cosy while you're walking or standing on the bus. You can always leave a pair of less practical shoes under your desk to change into during work hours. It will only take a few seconds, but your toes will be thanking you all winter.

Buy Versatile Layers

During the winter morning rush, it can be tempting to pull on a thick jumper instead of layering so you can avoid having to dig through your wardrobe to find something that matches. However, you'll almost always regret this. Unless your boss keeps your office cold during winter, you'll quickly start to sweat in the outfit that was supposed to keep you comfortable. That's why it's best to save the quirky colours and patterns for spring, summer and autumn and switch to a more neutral, versatile selection of layers during the winter months. If you have a good selection of black, navy, grey and brown cardigans and other knitwear, you'll be able to find a layer that matches your outfit within seconds. This way, you can ensure you're comfortable for the whole day without spending your entire morning outfit planning.

Invest in a Cashmere Coat

The first thing your co-workers will see when you walk into your office from your commute is your coat. However, many style-conscious women make the mistake of throwing any old puffer jacket or parka over their work outfit to keep warm. If you're putting in the effort to compose a fashionable look for work, why ruin it with an ugly coat? Investing in a cashmere coat will ensure your whole outfit makes an impression while keeping you warm on your commute, and nowadays there are many affordable options on the market. If you can only afford one cashmere coat and you're put off by the idea of wearing the same jacket every day, don't forget that you can dress up your outerwear with a different scarf or brooch when you need a change.

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