Five Benefits of Using Flavoured Lubricant

Want to spice up your sex life by trying an exciting new product? Flavored lubricant could be perfect for you.

It's versatile, cost-effective, available in a range of flavours, and suitable for loads of different uses. Since it doesn't cost a fortune, there's no harm in making an experimental purchase to figure out whether or not you like it.

Keep reading for five awesome benefits of using flavoured lubricant, such as Wet Stuff flavoured lubricant—some of them might surprise you!

1. It Tastes Great 

Imagine your usual foreplay, but with an explosion of flavour. Instead of a standard, vanilla taste experience, you can enjoy all your favourite flavours, from lemon to bubblegum, candy floss to chocolate.

This adds a whole new sensory level to your experience with your partner and is a really simple way to add a little excitement to your usual routine.

2. It's Safe to Swallow 

Worried about swallowing something harmful? Flavored lubricant is water-based and completely safe to swallow, with no harmful ingredients. Of course, if you suffer from any allergies, it's smart to check the ingredients beforehand to avoid a reaction.

3. It's Available in Tons of Flavours 

Flavored lubricant isn't a one-size-fits-all kind of deal. There are literally hundreds of flavours available, which opens up a whole world of opportunity. You could purchase 30 different flavours, and have a month of daily experimentation with your partner—just be sure to note down your favourites.

Alternatively, you could let your partner choose several different flavours, then have you guess which one is which during foreplay. Use your imagination, and you'll find loads of fun ways to use flavoured lubricant.

4. It Reduces Friction 

Flavored lubricant has all the same benefits as regular lubricant, and one of the most important properties is the ability to reduce friction.

Keeping things smooth and moist makes the whole experience much more comfortable for you and your partner, which is particularly useful if one or both of you are nervous or inexperienced. 

5. It's Easy to Wash Off

Don't fancy having strawberry-flavoured lube stuck in your hair for weeks? Don't worry. Since flavoured lubricant is water based, it's easy to rinse off in the bath or shower. Inviting your partner into the shower to clean up can be a great way to end your night together!

Want to try something new in the bedroom? Flavored lubricant is a fun option that's easy to use and doesn't cost a fortune.

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Want to spice up your sex life by trying an exciting new product? Flavored lubricant could be perfect for you. It's versatile, cost-effective, availab

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