Camera Batteries | 3 Strategies To Extend Your Camera Batteries During A Shoot

Fully charged camera batteries are vital for ensuring that your shoot goes off without a hitch. But your batteries can start to drain out when you're in the middle of an important shoot because they don't always last for as long as you need, especially if you're a novice photographer with limited equipment. If your camera batteries are starting to get too low while you're in the middle of your shoot, you can undertake some smart strategies to extend them until you're done.

Put Off The Viewing Screen

Since you're probably shooting on an SLR, you can save energy of your batteries by simply turning off the viewing screen and utilising the optical viewfinder to bring your images to life. Make sure that the optical viewfinder has the same coverage as the viewing screen to ensure that you get the images you desire from your camera. Most long shoots in remote locations are best undertaken with the viewing screen off to conserve as much battery as possible.

Switch Off Battery-Consuming Features

Elaborate features like autofocus and image stabilisation consume a significant chunk of battery life. If you're looking to conserve battery power, be sure to turn them off because you could end up with a dead camera before you know it. These features drain your camera batteries quickly, especially when you shoot in low light areas because the combination of lens will likely find it difficult to find focus. If your SLR has Wi-Fi or GPS connectivity, then turn off these features when they aren't necessary for better management of your camera battery power. If you don't know how to turn off these features, check your camera manual.

Take Pictures Without Using The Flash

The in-built flash in your camera is likely using up a lot of battery power, so your best option is to shoot pictures without the flash. This will not only give you more realistic images, but it will also enable you to conserve as much battery as you can until your shoot is complete. Your camera menu should offer the option to shoot with or without flash, so simply turn it to the off mode. In cases where you absolutely need to shoot with a flash, carry a second battery along for the shoot. Make sure the battery is compatible with your camera.

Follow these nifty tactics to extend your camera batteries. If you notice that they are draining quicker than normal, you may need to get them checked at a battery services company.


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Fully charged camera batteries are vital for ensuring that your shoot goes off without a hitch. But your batteries can start to drain out when you're