Features to Include in Your New Point of Sale System

When your storefront or any retail establishment is ready for a new point of sale system, you want to ensure you choose one with all the needed features for doing more than just ringing up purchases. Your point of sale system can provide a variety of features that are needed for many aspects of your business, so note a few of those features here and be sure you include them the next time you need to purchase a new system.

1. Promotion tracking

Do you offer coupons, rebates, and other such incentives and promotions? Your point of sale system should be tracking the performance of all of these; this would include more than just taking off the discount offered by a coupon or promotion, but also tracking how many of those coupons or incentives are used, when they are used the most, how much they are cutting into your profit margin, and the like. This can allow you to make the best decisions about offering more promotions or note if those promotions are reducing your profit margins too much.

2. Recurring billing

Many store clubs charge membership fees to customers, and recurring billing can be built into your point of sale system. This allows customer to sign up for certain clubs or other incentives that mean recurring charges, and your point of sale system can note their credit card number and keep it on file, and then automatically bill that card for their dues or fees. This can mean more members for those clubs or other programs as they can be offered right there at checkout or during any online purchase.

3. Time restricted sales or promotions

Your point of sale system should come with a feature or program so that you can note any time-restricted sales; for example, if you're not allowed to sell alcohol before a certain time of the day, or if your eatery doesn't accept orders for certain menu items at certain times, these can automatically be restricted at the register or at a self-serve kiosk. You may also have certain promotions that are time-sensitive, for instance, for customers who arrive before a certain time of day or just for a few hours during the day. Being able to program these times into your point of sale system will ensure that they are adhered to without worrying about having clerks or salespersons needing to enforce these restrictions, and your point of sale system can also track if certain time-sensitive promotions are more effective at garnering sales.

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